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Thread: eci.nic.in www.eci.gov.in election commission of india website

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    eci.nic.in www.eci.gov.in election commission of india website

    Hello All,

    Voter Lists, Voter Related Application Forms, Election Results & reports. These information are required for me. Website mentioned above is not giving a clear picture of the information.

    Please suggest..

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    Hi I have a website link which tells you about the Election Results & reports. I will give the latest link of website which will give you a latest list of Voter Lists and Voter Related Application Forms.

    Here is the website link where you can get the election details and election reports. Hope this will be bit useful for you....?


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    Today the 2012 Election results of five states are yet to be announced, the respective states are

    1. Uttar Pradesh
    2. Punjab
    3. Uttarakhand
    4. Goa
    5. Manipur

    Uttar Pradesh current polls says that Samajwadi Party is evolving the single largest and majority party in the state, (BSP) Bahujan Samaj Party is falling down to the second position and Congress and BJP are fighting between each other for the third post.

    Punjab has 52 counting centers across the state and there Poll says that (SAD)-Shiromani Akal Dal & (BJP)-Bharatiya Janata Party will retain their power with majority of votes, whereas the congress is lacking back with differences of 8 seats comparing to SAD-BJP.
    SAD's Nand Lal over powered Tarsem Singh of the Congress by a margin of 4983 votes.

    Uttarakhand state has 70 Assembly seats and 13 seats are reserved for SCs and 2 for STs. it has 16 counting centers around the state and current polls says that BJP ruling party is leading with high number of seats comparing to Congress.

    Goa poll says that BJP is leading with majority of Seats comparing to congress and other independent parties. It is also being said that BJP is forged with wrong campaigning against congress so the results are twisting and bouncing between this two parties.

    Manipur poll says that congress will retain back to continue their work in the Manipur sates, congress is leading with 25 seats whereas BJP and others falling in majority with 2 -10 seats. So with no doubt congress will run over for other 5 years in Manipur.

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